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SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) unanimously passed House Joint Resolution 123, which creates a Task Force to investigate the benefits of implementing reverse auctions into Illinois procurement law. Reverse auctions would be used through online bids made by prospective vendors for Illinois’ state projects, and projects would be given to the local business with the best bid and plan.

Rep. Batinick stated, “By executing this idea, the State could offer new opportunities to small businesses during the purchase of large commodities. Reverse auctions have been beneficial to the federal government, and their usage has gradually increased the federal government’s contracts to small businesses, which is a phenomenal feat in these modern times of bulk production. But I think our state government would be most benefitted by this form of business, as we embark upon tackling its debt and doing business efficiently so that the people can be better served. Reverse auctions should be initiated statewide because transparency is inherent in the process, small businesses are given their best shot, and major savings are made by the State through the best offered price.”

The Task Force to implement reverse auctions shall be overseen by the Executive Ethics Commission.

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) approved of a stopgap measure that will get many vital social services, from autism research to community services, appropriated to their due recipients. While there was disappointment that critical funding for human services facilities and prisons were omitted from the bill, Rep. Batinick is pleased that Senate Bill 2038 sends much needed funding to the state’s social services.

Rep. Batinick stated, “I eagerly voted for this measure because the services involved are extremely important and should be taken out of negotiations as we try to embark upon reforms that will make our government better serviceable to its people. While I am relieved that these social services will be taken out of the process, I hope that this measure can be the start of new negotiations that end Illinois’ annual budgetary struggle, in a bipartisan movement for reform.”

Senate Bill 2038 awaits further consideration from the Senate.


Springfield - A group of Illinois lawmakers began in February formally requesting that Auditor General Frank Mautino work expeditiously to answer serious questions about campaign expenditures and reporting procedures dating back to his time in the Illinois House of Representatives. State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) first led the small group of Representatives that voted against Mautino’s appointment, and today, more than three months later, he and other lawmakers stressed that Mautino's foot dragging needs to stop.

Rep. Batinick stated, “We have given him plenty of time to respond, and he has chosen not to, which makes it hard to believe that nothing improper occurred. As the Auditor General, he has to be held to the highest standard, and this is why we cannot stop with our request.”
OSWEGO – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) again held an important Question & Answer session with local students. This time he was at Oswego East High School, where he elaborated on the legislative process while speaking on the importance of voter participation, and giving back to the community.

Rep. Batinick stated, “It’s important to me that I get the perspective of young students’ about local government, especially with the struggle we see the State in to fund the institutions that teach them. Just last week I had to tell the entire House if we didn’t pass Senate Bill 2059 to get a portion of the money we owe to our state institutions, we’d be risking having our universities remain unfunded during a period when many young intelligent minds will be choosing their schools. Luckily that legislation became law, but it’s all tied together. I want to ensure that our young people know that their future is being fought for in Springfield, and with these meetings I try to make that clear. I’d like to thank all the teachers and administrators at Oswego East for giving me this opportunity.”

Rebecca Walters, a Social Studies teacher at Oswego East, said, “Mr. Batinick’s visit today helped our students understand the importance of local government. As the laws for Civics education in Illinois are changing, opportunities like this are vital in educating future voters on the importance of the role they play in their communities.”

A Note from State Rep. Mark Batinick:

Since July of last year, I have called for legislative pay to be halted until a compromised budget is passed. I co-sponsored House Bill 4253, brought by Rep. David McSweeney, which halts legislative pay in times of no budget. I believe if we had done this ten months ago, there would've been a well-compromised budget by now.

If universities, students, and social providers aren't being paid, neither should legislators, and I ask that you sign the petition with your support on this belief. Thank you.


Are you or someone you know a local business owner? Are you looking for qualified job seekers to match your business' employment needs? We are currently accepting reservations from local employers interested in participating in a FREE Jobs Fair in Minooka on Saturday, June 25, sponsored by State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) and State Rep. John Anthony (R-Joliet).

Please see the flyer for full details and contact information on how to sign-up today!
Springfield – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) unanimously passed legislation through the Illinois House that designates Illinois roadways with the namesakes of fallen soldiers. The bill received unanimous approval from the House and awaits further consideration in the Senate. The idea first originated with Denise Meehan, the mother of PFC Andrew Meari, who lost his life while serving in Afghanistan.

Denise said, “The Heroes Way Designation Act ensures the families of Illinois’ fallen that the name of their loved one will be remembered, and spoken, by people of generations still to come. Being remembered, having their name said, hoping some child will one day wonder and be inspired to learn who that bridge, that road, that interchange is named for, is an incredible gift The Heroes Way Act bestows on the families of the fallen. A person lived right here in their community, in their hometown, that so loved this country they laid down their life in its defense. Their sacrifice is forever and their memory should be honored forever. The Heroes Way Act accomplishes this, for me and for all those families that bear the honorable burden of the Gold Star.”

Rep. Batinick stated, “I bring this legislation in honor of Illinois’ Veterans, their families, and all those that have sacrificed for this country, including PFC Andrew Meari for whom this idea first originated. My hope is that all those who have served, including their families, realize the level of appreciation the State of Illinois, and our nation, holds for them.”

Rep. Batinick hopes to see his Heroes Way Designation Act passed unanimously by the entire General Assembly.

PFC Andrew Meari and his Mother Denise

PFC Andrew Meari upon deployment