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Plainfield – With the State of Illinois still in dire need of a proper balanced budget, and reforms becoming more and more necessary, Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) has taken on his own advice to the State’s budget process, and will once again send back 30% of his district office’s allotment.
Rep. Batinick stated, “As I’ve stated before, I cannot go to Springfield and preach about the State turning to reforms, and living within its means, without doing the same myself. Knowing this I have again sent back almost 22,000 tax-funded dollars intended for my office’s use, back to the State. My hope is that these dollars go to agencies and individuals that have seen the State continuously break its promises to them regardless of the year. In-District we have successfully brought jobs fairs, kids’ fairs, senior fairs, and self-defense courses, but at this time the State of Illinois requires aid to its fiscal issues and I intend to help it in as many ways as I can, legislatively and through monetary savings.”
In addition to his district office savings, Rep. Batinick has sponsored initiatives to study Illinois’ higher education and make it more affordable. Through January and February he was a part of a Government Consolidation Task Force that published suggestions to help local governments rein in costs, relieving taxpayers and lessening Illinois’ excessive bureaucracy. He is also in favor of legislators’ pay being held until the State’s budget is finally fully produced.
Plainfield – In service to local motorists, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) is pleased to announce that the contracting company D Construction, Inc. has successfully bid to complete a roadway improvement on 127th Street, from Heggs Road to west of US Route 30 in Plainfield. When completed, this project will improve the operation of the highway facility.
The specific details of construction staging will be discussed at a preconstruction meeting between D Construction, Inc. and the Illinois Department of Transportation on September 22, 2016 at 11AM in IDOT’s 2nd Floor Construction Conference Room located at 201 W. Center Court, in Schaumburg.
The estimated start date of the project will be October 2016, with an estimated completion date of November 2017.
Rep. Batinick stated, “This road project should improve our highway facility while keeping local traffic at a steady pace during construction. I encourage all interested people to come to the preconstruction meeting where the resident engineer will be on hand to answer all questions.”
Springfield – During Illinois’ budget impasse, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) has drawn up a petition, and also sponsored legislation, stating that if an agreed upon budget is not produced by the General Assembly, legislators should not be given legislative pay. Today he voiced his support of Comptroller Leslie Munger’s proposal to draft legislation that could withhold pay if legislators do not finally pass a balanced state budget.
Rep. Batinick stated, “I’ve been pushing this initiative for over a year because any pain felt by unpaid legislators doesn’t compare to the individuals and agencies that are struggling without their dues from the balanced budget that legislators are required to create. The State’s budgetary problems can only be fixed if the 177 people within the General Assembly make it their focus, and I stand by the Comptroller’s proposal to motivate us.”
Comptroller Munger said, “We tell small businesses, nonprofits, hospitals, schools and others to wait in line for months for what they’re owed by the state – it’s unconscionable that we would prioritize politician pay and move them to the front.”
The state is currently operating on a temporary stopgap budget. The legislature is set to take up the budget once again after the November election, and could be dealing with a budget deficit of $10 billion by that time.
Rep. Batinick discusses the State's financial issues with Rep. David Harris on Fox News Chicago.
Springfield – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) unanimously passed legislation through the Illinois General Assembly that designates Illinois roadways with the namesakes of fallen soldiers. On the day honoring Veterans at the State Fair, Governor Rauner made it a point to sign the Heroes Way Designation Program Act into Illinois law. The idea first originated with Denise Meehan, the mother of PFC Andrew Meari, who lost his life while serving in Afghanistan.
Denise said, “The Heroes Way Designation Act ensures the families of Illinois’ fallen that the name of their loved one will be remembered, and spoken, by people of generations still to come. A person lived right here in their community, in their hometown, that so loved this country they laid down their life in its defense. Their sacrifice is forever and their memory should be honored forever. The Heroes Way Act accomplishes this, for me and for all those families that bear the honorable burden of the Gold Star.”
Rep. Batinick stated, “I brought this legislation in honor of Illinois’ Veterans, their families, and all those that have sacrificed for this country, including PFC Andrew Meari for whom this idea first originated. My hope is that all those who have served, including their families, realize the level of appreciation the State of Illinois, and our nation, holds for them. Now with the Heroes Way Act, Illinoisans can pay tribute to those that have laid down their lives for this great country.”
The legislation is listed as Public Act 99-0802.
PFC Andrew Meari with his Mother, Denise Meehan. 
Plainfield – On Monday, Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino skipped yet another deadline to respond to allegations concerning his questionable spending which occurred during his tenure as State Representative from Spring Valley, Illinois. State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) says, “after ignoring the State Board of Elections twice, it’s time for the Election board to hold a public hearing and demand a response from Frank Mautino.”
Rep. Batinick and his Republican colleagues have long called for Mautino to remove himself from his appointed position as Auditor General until the allegations against him were disproven. Rep. Batinick is optimistic the Election board will schedule a hearing soon, as recent media reports mention that Election board executive director Steve Sandvoss has indicated  a potential hearing would look further into the allegations concerning the questionable expenditures made by Frank Mautino.
Rep. Batinick stated, “My Republican colleagues and I have done everything we can to invoke a response from Frank Mautino. After dodging the problem for so long, I am glad he will finally be called to attest to the troubling allegations. Illinoisans deserve a good, clean government that is checked by someone outside the weight of investigation. I look forward to the public hearing.”
The questionable expenditures include over $200,000 in Mautino’s campaign funds spent at an alderman-owned car service station, and clarification was also being sought about $259,000 Mautino paid to a Spring Valley bank since 1999. After failing to file campaign disclosure reports with the Illinois State Board of Elections on Monday, Mautino is likely to finally face a public hearing from the Election board concerning his use of campaign funds while serving in the Illinois House.
While offering little comment to questions surrounding the investigation, Mautino’s Office has stated they are cooperating with the U.S. Attorney’s office. Mautino was appointed to a ten year term in October by the Illinois General Assembly, an appointment that many are questioning at this time.
Plainfield – Through January and February of this year, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) sponsored District-wide Self-Defense Courses with the internationally recognized educators at One Light Self Defense. On Tuesday July 19, he will again sponsor the demonstrative course at Plainfield Township Community Center from 6 to 9PM.
His office first came across One Light’s program during their work with the Plainfield Junior Women’s Club. The One Light self-defense team, based right here in Illinois, began with diversified individuals that were well-trained in self-defense and embraced a passion to help others. They’ve traveled to such places as Nairobi, Kenya, where girls face physical attacks every day, and empowered women, girls, and community leaders with their defense techniques. Now, through the sponsorship of Rep. Batinick and the willingness of the team at One Light Self Defense, women and girls around Shorewood, Plainfield, and Oswego have all been given the same opportunity.
Rep. Batinick stated, “One Light’s courses at my previous events were extremely informational and fun for everyone, so we had to bring them back so that kids on summer break could have an opportunity to join the course.”
Plainfield Township Community Center is located at 15014 S. Des Plaines Street in Plainfield. The course is free, but any donations go to Women at Risk International and their fight against human trafficking. For questions, or to RSVP, please email Debbie at or call 815-254-0000.