By Mark Batinick
State Representative, 97th District

As consumers, when we walk into a store we have many options, not only in the products we choose but in the brands of those products. As taxpayers, we rarely get that option. As a state, Illinois spends 3.7 times the national average on our non-Medicaid clients, but we have one of the largest numbers of low-need individuals in costly nursing homes[i]. Spending more money hasn’t resulted in better services or better quality of life for the people that need them.

The Illinois Department on Aging has developed a new program that will improve the way Illinois serves seniors not eligible for Medicaid while saving the state money. The Community Reinvestment Program allows the state to maintain funding at 2 times the national average for seniors not eligible for Medicaid while addressing the projected 57 percent increase in our aging population.
Rep. Mark Batinick
SPRINGFIELD – In response to the recent court ruling authorizing the prioritization of state legislators’ pay over other outstanding obligations, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) filed legislation today, House Bill 4026, to give the Comptroller greater discretion when issuing salary payments for members of the General Assembly. Batinick said this would allow the Comptroller to prioritize Illinois’ other fiscal obligations over legislators’ and Executive Branch officers’ pay. House Bill 4026 is co-sponsored by Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee). The bill follows the introduction of similar legislation filed in the State Senate by Senator Dan McConchie, SB 989.

“There is no reason why we as legislators should be prioritized over the hundreds of vendors, social service providers and agencies who have been waiting months for payment from the state,” said Rep. Batinick. “This bill seeks to right that wrong by allowing the Comptroller to place the interests of vulnerable children, seniors and families ahead of legislators.”
Several dozen local residents attended Rep. Batinick's Identity Theft & Safe Shopping Seminar at the Troy Township Community Center in Shorewood, presented by the Illinois Attorney General's Office. If you were unable to attend the seminar but are interested in learning more about how to protect yourself from identity theft, please call Rep. Batinick's office at (815) 254-0000 or the Attorney General's toll-free Identity Theft Hotline at 1-866-999-5630. For more information, please visit

State Representatives Mark Batinick & David Welter will be hosting a Free Jobs Fair from 9 a.m. to 12:30p.m. on June 23rd at Troy Middle School 5800 Theodore Road in Plainfield.
This week, the Illinois House of Representatives heard a bill (HB 695) to spend an estimated $1.5 million to translate the Illinois General Assembly website into Spanish. I got up to speak and demonstrate to my colleagues how we can already provide this service to our constituents for FREE, not only in Spanish, but in up to 57 different languages. Please read the news article HERE to get the full story and watch my remarks below.

Rep. Batinick speaks at Capitol press
conference on property tax relief
SPRINGFIELD – Speaking at a press conference today at the Capitol, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) drew attention to the number one issue for many suburban homeowners; the need for property tax relief. 

A recent poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute found that 47 percent of registered voters in Illinois say they want to move out, with 27 percent of them citing property taxes as their top reason. The Tax Foundation, the nation’s leading independent tax policy nonprofit, reported just this week that Illinois has one of the highest property tax burdens in the country (3rd), which contributes to the 5th highest overall tax burden in the nation.

“Families and seniors are being forced from their homes, not because they cannot afford their mortgage, but because they cannot afford their property taxes increasing each and every year,” Rep. Batinick said. “If we’re going to be asked to support a budget package, whatever that may end up looking like, we’re here to say there must be real, significant property tax relief for our constituents.”

The impact of property taxes is not limited to homeowners. Businesses are moving across state lines or closing entirely partially due to the high cost of property taxes in Illinois. The recent Tax Foundation analysis shows that Illinois’ property tax burden ranks as one of the least favorable for businesses, coming in at 46th in the nation.

Watch Rep. Batinick's remarks at today's press conference:

Glenn Minnis | Will County Gazette

State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) admits that he doesn’t have a state budget plan – which is exactly what Illinois needs, he says.

Putting an end to the budget crisis that has paralyzed the state for some 18 months, leaving it billions in debt, is fairly simple, Batinick argues.

“Any new budget idea should start with the money that we have coming in and do a baseline budget based on that,” he told the Will County Gazette.

Batinick stressed that his plan isn’t a budget proposal but more of a common-sense method that works in any type of negotiation.

“It would give everybody a reality of where we are,” he said, adding that the adjustments made to the so-called “grand bargain” budget offered recently doesn’t make it much better...